Background Edit

Shadon Industries, a mega company that focusses to aid Trainers all over the Ferth Region in their journeys by supplying them their basic needs, such as PokéBalls, Potions and other kinds of merchandise. Besides that, they also developed and manage the PokéGear, a nifty little gadget for Trainers to connect with other Trainers, to see a map of the region and other useful functions they are able to use during their adventure. They also research Pokémon, so they will be able to improve their merchandise even more.

For this, Shadon Industries had a total of 13 scientists assigned to research the Pokémons, and to test how they reacted on the merchandise of the company. One of the scientists, Raven Harth, was on a stroll though the woods far away from any town, as he found something lying on the ground. He picked it up, and had a look at it. It was a small piece of skin. He first thought it was something from an animal that could possibly be living in the woods, but because of pure curiosity he took it with him to research later at one of Shadon's laboratories, where he worked at.

After having a better look at it at his work, he discovered it was most likely from a Pokémon. So he started researching it even further. By doing this, be ended up discovering it was possibly from a Pokémon named Mew, only written about in books, but there was never given actual proof of it's existance. He started digging into even more books that contain stories, possible facts and rumours about Mew, to maybe confirm it indeed was from Mew. However, he was never able to actually do this.

Even though he isn't sure he is correct, he still went with this piece of skin to the CEO & Founder of the company, Gareth Valmer. He showed it to him, and explained what he discovered from his research. After that, he came with the bold request to use this object to create a brand new Pokémon, a Pokémon a lot like Mewtwo. Although, CEO Gareth Valmer thaught of this idea as absurd, and denied his idea without any further discussions.

Dr. Harth went on working like normal, but in secret he was working on his plan of cloning Mew. After a few weeks of doing so, his big secret got discovered, most of his work got destroyed and he got fired instantly. However, the possible DNA of Mew was spared and is being kept securely deep inside the headquarters of the company, for future investigation.

One month after Harth got fired, he started Team Shadon, together with his old friend Zeth Dere, that does illegal activities such as breaking into houses, stealing Pokémon and much more around the whole region. And since they have similar names, the media and the people blame Mr. Valmer's Shadon Industries for these crimes.

By doing this, they hope to thow down the company and to somehow retrieve the DNA they stole from Harth to continue his plan of creating the Pokémon.

Character Profiles Edit

Dr. Raven Harth, a former scientist of Shadon Industries. He once found an eye lash of the legendary Pokémon Mew. Because he found this, he got the idea to create a new clone of Mew, just like Mewtwo, but then perfected. Because of this idea of his, he got fired from the company. Filled with anger, he started Team Shadon, an evil organisation that does illegal activities all around the Ferth region and blaming them on Shadon Industries, to retrieve his eye lash of Mew, which is kept securely deep inside the headquarters of the company.

Zeth Derek, a friend of the former Shadon Industries scientist Raven Harth, has joined Raven his idea to thow down Shadon Industries, although his motives in doing so are unclear. He supports Harth whatever the costs; he has even abandoned his wife to do so, since she disagreed with the actions he and Raven took. He is a former Gym Leader and Elite Four.

(More character profiles will be added later)

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