Background Edit

In 1993, a small new company was started in a region far away, by the name of Shadon Laboratories. The founder of this little company was Gareth Valmer. His ambition was to become a large company to supply all trainers' needs around the region. At first, he only supplied local trainers some medical items. After 2 years of business in his region, he expanded his service in 10 different places in his region, and his assortment was expanded to a bigger variety of supplies. He was planning to expand into a new region. After a little while, he found a region where he would like to settle his new stores, named the Ferth Region.

After several months of preparation, he opened 3 stores in the new region: in Aldbay Harbor, Springhurst City and Vertbell City. He also had plans to start producing his own supplies at a larger scale by building 2 factories in both regions. He got some architects on the job of sorting that out, and after half a year, 4 new factories were built. In the Ferth Region, one was located near Greenlea Town, and the other one near Mnt. Crest: factories North-West and South-East.

Due to the large improvements, his success skyrocketed. Even more stores and factories were built, and also a few brand new laboratories to research for new items to aid trainers in their journeys. To be able to manage all his stores, factories and laboratories, he had a building built to aid as his headquarters: Shadon HQ. And so arose a whole new company: Shadon Industries.

The main focus of his company was still aiding trainers, but they also wanted to research Pokémons. They wanted to known everything about Pokémons and their genetic construction, so they could become more aware of how Pokémons react to their merchandise, and improve them on basis of these results. So they hired 13 scientists to start researching them in the company's laboratories. This way, they were able to improve the way their PokéBalls and medical merchandise worked.

Now, in the year 2017, Shadon Industries is still a thriving company. But recently, it has been involved in crimes that they have been accused for. The crimes were done by a certain group of people named Team Shadon. No one knows really who they are, but because of the resemblance of names between that group and Shadon Industries, they are being blamed by the media, and by the people in the region. Mr. Valmer is trying his best to explain the situation to others, and to restore the reputation of his beloved company that he worked so hard for to get it to where it is.

Character Profiles Edit

Gareth Valmer, the 49-years old founder and current CEO of Shadon Industries. He and his employees are trying their best to restore the reputation of the company, which has been fouled by Team Shadon, who commit all kinds of crimes with the ultimate goal to thow down Shadon Industries.

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